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On The Issues:

Creating Jobs and Promoting Economic Growth
America thrives when American workers thrive, and my priority in Congress is to put us back on the path to prosperity.  We need policies that promote long-term economic growth, strengthen middle-class families, enable small businesses to succeed and prevent corporations from shipping American jobs overseas.  Instead of tax breaks that encourage outsourcing, we must reinvest in small businesses – the leading job creators in our country.  We need to make education a priority, invest in our nation’s infrastructure and support the workers that make our nation thrive by increasing the minimum wage and requiring pay equity for women.

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Standing up for the Middle Class
Wealthy special interests are raking in record profits, while more and more of the burden is being shifted onto the middle class.

The middle class needs more allies in Congress.

I’ll fight to close tax loopholes for corporations that ship American jobs overseas, utilizing those savings to provide middle-class tax relief, make higher education affordable and pursue policies that help businesses create jobs.

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Doing Right by Our Veterans
When Congress shut down the government and made across-the-board cuts to our country’s military, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and our entire local economy around it suffered. The Joint Base and South Jersey families can’t afford further cuts because of more irresponsible partisan brinksmanship. Likewise, our veterans - who have given so much - can't afford cuts to the benefits they deserve. In Congress, I’ll work with members of both parties to protect and restore funding to the Joint Base. And, as the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I will work to ensure that we fulfill the promises we've made to our veterans, making certain that they receive quality health care - including mental health care - job training and placement when they come home. We must provide incentives for employers to hire the highly skilled men and women of our armed forces, and taking steps to ensure our veterans have access to affordable educational opportunities, whether a four year university, community college or trade school. Finally, we must reduce wait times, make hospital care more accessible, and find solutions to the unacceptable claims backlog.

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Protecting Social Security and Medicare
I strongly believe that we must keep the promises that we’ve made to our seniors.  They have worked hard to pay into Social Security and Medicare, sacred trusts that must be protected. In recent years, shortsighted politicians have placed these important programs on the chopping block as an easy way to balance the budget, while refusing to enact policies that would help these programs stay solvent. I think that’s wrong and entirely unacceptable.

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Standing up for Women

It’s 2014, and the fact that women still make only 78 cents for every dollar that men make is not only wrong, it’s embarrassing. In Congress, I will fight for measures to ensure equality in the workplace, including equal pay for equal work and paid family leave. I will also work to ensure that women’s health care decisions are made between women and their health care professionals, not extremists in Washington. I think it’s wrong to allow employers the ability to limit access to birth control for women, and I stand strongly against proposals that many in Congress have introduced that would limit access to lifesaving cancer screenings and mammograms.

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Rebuilding After Sandy
Over 20,000 people are still displaced in Ocean County as a result of Superstorm Sandy and between insurance companies not paying what they should, new regulations placing a heavy burden on our families and government programs not working, it’s obvious we need to make some changes.

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Making Higher Education Affordable

We have world-renowned universities right here in New Jersey, but high tuition is putting them out of reach for many students. For those who are able to go to college, skyrocketing tuition is putting many students and their families into extreme debt.

In New Jersey, the average student in the class of 2012 graduated with $29,287 in student loan debt, which ranked New Jersey 8th in the country. Yet, instead of making student aid a priority, Congress responded by voting to cut Pell grants by $125 billion in 2014.

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Helping Businesses Create Jobs

Anyone involved in running a business knows that despite the rhetoric, Congress is not making things easier. There’s too much red tape, it’s too hard to access capital and taxes are too high. Congress’ top priority should be creating an environment conducive to job creation and economic growth, and if Congress would stop trying to score cheap political points and instead focus on getting work done, Congress could make a real difference.

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Declaring Our Energy Independence
We must reduce our dependence as a nation on foreign oil and fossil fuels by advancing clean energy solutions.  It comes down to a question of priorities.  While Congress has given the five biggest oil companies in American $40 billion in subsidies, we should have been investing in smart alternatives that would help grow our local economies.  Making clean energy technologies a national priority and leading the way with solar and wind will not only protect our environment, it will create jobs here in New Jersey and further protect our economic and national security.

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Protecting Our Natural Treasures and Our Environment
I’m proud of my strong record of protecting our environment and I’ll continue that fight in Congress. The 3rd Congressional District is home to many natural treasures that encompass our farmland, shore and Pinelands. I’ll work to protect these treasures by pushing to expand alternative energy, which will serve to create jobs with real benefits, lessen CO2 emissions, and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. I’ll also support initiatives that protect our farms and curb pollution. And, I’ll work to keep the shore clean for recreation, tourism and fishing, for generations to come.

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National Security – Fighting Terrorism at Home & Abroad
Our national security challenges are constantly changing, but the resolve of our nation to stand up against those who would threaten us never waivers.  I will always make our national security a priority. We require a well-trained national security presence to stay a step ahead of terrorism at home and abroad and we must provide our troops with the training, equipment and support they need to protect our freedom.  We further need to provide our soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines with the resources they need to carry out their missions and ensure that our Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst continues to be a key component of our national security presence.

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Aimee grew up in South Jersey, in a middle-class family of four. She graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High, followed by Stockton College in South Jersey, before obtaining her law degree from Widener University. Aimee was elected to the office of Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2012 following a highly competitive race. As Burlington County Freeholder, Aimee works across party lines building problem-solving coalitions that have delivered results for our community.

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