Aimee Belgard

On The Issues:

Revitalizing New Jersey’s Economy:

In Congress, I will make job creation and strengthening the middle class my top priority, and I’ll start by supporting measures to raise the minimum wage and expand educational opportunities. Arming our workforce with a world-class education is key to staying competitive in a global economy. That’s why I’ll work to make higher education affordable, and I’ll work to increase access to low-tuition job training programs in industries that need skilled workers.

I’ll also work to rebuild the Jersey Shore. It has been over a year since Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of our community, and New Jersey families and businesses are still struggling to rebuild.  As a member of Congress, I will focus on ensuring that New Jersey families and businesses get the resources they need to get back on their feet.

Fulfilling Promises to Veterans:

When Congress shut down the government and made across-the-board cuts to our country’s military, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and our entire local economy around it, suffered. The Joint Base and South Jersey families can’t afford further cuts because of more irresponsible partisan brinksmanship. Likewise, our veterans - who have given so much - can't afford cuts to the benefits they deserve. In Congress, I’ll work with members of both parties to protect and restore funding to the Joint Base. And, as the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I will work to ensure that we fulfill the promises we've made to our veterans, making certain that they receive quality health care - including mental health care - job training and placement when they come home.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare:

I strongly believe that we must keep the promises that we’ve made to our seniors.  They have worked hard to pay into Social Security and Medicare, sacred trusts that must be protected. In recent years, shortsighted politicians have placed these important programs on the chopping block as an easy way to balance the budget. I think that’s wrong. In Congress, I will ardently defend Social Security and Medicare from cuts, and I will oppose all efforts to privatize Social Security or end the Medicare Guarantee. Seniors shouldn’t have to gamble their retirements on the stock market. 

Expanding Educational Opportunities:

Growing our economy in the 21st Century requires a highly educated and specialized workforce. That’s why I fully support measures that expand educational opportunities, so that higher education – whether university, community college, or trade school – is both an achievable and affordable goal for all New Jerseyans. I also support measures to better prepare our high school students for continued education after they graduate.

Standing up for Women:

It’s 2014, and the fact that women still make 77 cents for every dollar that men make is not only wrong, it’s embarrassing. In Congress, I will fight for measures to ensure equality in the workplace, including equal pay for equal work. I will also work to ensure that women’s health care decisions are made between women and their health care professionals, not extremists in Washington. Finally, I will be a voice that is currently missing from New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation. New Jersey hasn’t had a female representative in Congress for over a decade, and it’s about time that changed.

Protecting New Jersey:

I have a strong record of protecting our environment, and I’ll continue that record in Congress. The 3rd Congressional District is home to many natural treasures that encompass our farmland, shore and Pinelands. I’ll work to protect these treasures by working to expand alternative energy, which will create jobs with benefits, lessen CO2 emissions, and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. I’ll also support initiatives that protect our farms and curb pollution. And, I’ll work to keep the shore clean for recreation, tourism and fishing, for generations to come.

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Get To Know Aimee

Aimee grew up in South Jersey, in a middle-class family of four. She graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High, followed by Stockton College in South Jersey, before obtaining her law degree from Widener University. Aimee was elected to the office of Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2012 following a highly competitive race. As Burlington County Freeholder, Aimee works across party lines building problem-solving coalitions that have delivered results for our community.

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